A stroll in Walton-on-the-Hill

Start: Blue Ball pub. Distance: 5 miles. Time Approx: 2 hours.

  1. With the Blue Ball pub at your back, cross the road and walk to a fingerpost ahead. Turn right along a bridleway and at a second post keep ahead on the bridleway signposted to Hogden Bottom. Soon, at a T-junction at the bottom of a slope, turn right and skirt the rear of a large garden.
  2. After passing the garden you will meet another T-junction, where you should now turn left along a track signposted to Lower Kingswood. Maintain this direction along a peaceful track until you meet a further junction of tracks by open downland. Go ahead, bearing slightly to the left and continue along a path with a ribbon of trees close to your right.
  3. Press on through trees to again find yourself facing open downland. Remain ahead on the bridleway signposted to Modagor and after 200 yards go through a gate. Now press on between fields to eventually reach a road. Bear right along the road and pass the Mint Arms.
  4. Continue along the road, which soon develops into a cart track. Bear right into Margery Wood National Trust car park and pass an information board. Keep to the broad track through a bluebell wood, to pass over the M25. Pass through a gate and keep ahead to reach the open hillside and its magnificent views.
  5. These lovely grassy slopes are under threat from the incursion of hawthorn, so cattle have been used recently to help control the growth. The way lies to the right along the edge of the escarpment. When the open grassland ends, ignore a gate ahead of you and bear right to soon meet a track by another gate. Continue leftwards through the gate and continue between gardens. Ten yards after passing a coal duty post, bear right at a fork and soon reach a quiet lane by a second duty post. Turn right along the lane and keep ahead to re-cross the M25.
  6. Immediately after crossing the bridge turn left on a bridleway. The track now goes through lovely woodland and soon continues alongside Walton’s famous golf course. At a junction of paths by yet another coal duty post press on ahead. When the open grassland of Banstead Heath is met, bear half left along a well-defined bridleway, again alongside the golf course. Later, ignore a fork and remain alongside the golf course and before long you will find yourself at Dorking Road.
  7. Cross to the driveway opposite and after five yards bear right on a narrow path. Keep to this path without deviation and before long you will see the Blue Ball pub to your right.