Reigate & Colley Hills

Starting Point: The top of Reigate Hill car park. Distance: 3.5 miles. Time: Approx 2 hours

  1. Begin by walking across the footbridge over the main road and continue along a wooded track. On each side there are good views. You will reach a tarmac drive and there you will keep going until the track gets rough, there you will enter the National Trust property of Reigate Hill. Continue down a wooded track until you reach a circular pavilion on Colley Hill.
  2. Continue over Colley Hill. At the fork take the left hand track onto a tarmac drive, turn left in front of a gate and fence and then turn left again along a steepdownhill track. The path curves to the right and continues down to a cross path.
  3. Turn left through a wooden barrier; now keep along the wooded path, that winds its way at the bottom of Colley Hill and Reigate Hill. At a fork ahead take the right path and go down the steps, bear left at the bottom and go down the rest of the steps to a T-junction and then take a left. Keep going until you reach the tarmac land passing a sign.
  4. Keep going for another 100 yards and the lane bends right, bear left along a track at a bridleway sign. Continue between houses on the edge of Reigate to emerge onto the main road. Turn left for a few yards, then bear left. Head up an overgrown path steeply uphill. Near the top it should widen out and it continues to a tarmac drive, turn right at the North Downs way sign and retrace your steps to the start.