Banstead Common

Starting Point: Car park on Holly Lane. Distance: 3.5 miles. Time: 2 hours.

  1. Leave the car park by the wicket gate at the top left hand corner and follow the waymarked gravel path. After 80yds join the public footpath towards Perrotts Farm. The path climbs steadily through a tunnel of trees along the woodland edge.
  2. At the three-way wooden signpost 1/2 mile from the car park, you have the option of a diversion to the Ramblers Rest. Continue straight along the path, signposted towards Fames Rough. Then, 200yds further on, bear right at another three-way signpost, towards Banstead Wood. Carry on through Fames Rough, turn left onto the Banstead Countryside Walk at the next three-way signpost and follow it to a waymark, 220yds further on.
  3. The Banstead Countryside Walk moves off to the left here but keep going straight ahead. Soon the path narrows and bears to the right and you leave Fames Rough by the stile at the corner of an open field. Follow the edge of the woods on your right, as far as the buildings of Perrotts Farm.
  4. Jump the stile here, cross the farm road and take the signposted footpath towards Holly Lane. Follow it along the left hand side of the field and over a stile, onto a gravelled farm track. Continue in the same direction along the edge of Ruffett Wood and carry on along the signposted path towards Park Downs. The path crosses Chipstead Road at a stile, brfore bearing right and joining Holly Lane.
  5. Cross Holly Lane and hop the stile, still signposted towards Park Downs. Follow the hedgerow trees on your left until you come to the stile 50yds beyond the top corner of the field. Turn left over the stile, then bear left along the edge of Park Downs. Keep straight on at the four-way signpost and follow the waymarked Banstead Countryside Walk back to the car park at the junction of Park Road and Holly Lane.