A Leigh ramble

Staring Point: Lay-by between the Plough and church in Leigh. 4miles/6.4km. 1hr 45min

  1. With your back to Plough, turn left on to village green and take signposted footpath through churchyard and across open field to wooden footbridge. Cross brook, and way-marked stile 40yds (37m) further on, then continue with hedge on right to far corner of field. Jump stile, and turn left on to blue way-marked bridle-way. After 100yds (91m), bear right through way-marked wicket gate towards far corner of field. turn right towards triangulation pillar (or trig point) across field. There are splendid views from here.
  2. Turn hard left at triangulation pillar, and double back to far corner of field. If you keep strait on beside hedge you were following earlier, you are trespassing! Cross stile in corner of field, then follow succession of way-marked stiles leading to Dene Farm, and across farm drive. bear half right here, and cross field to plank bridge and stile. Continue through next field, and out on to Deanoak Lane.
  3. Turn left; just beyond double bend, turn left again, up lane towards Stublehole Farm. Follow lane past Tamworth Farm and through patch of woodland, then bear left at three-way signpost on to concrete road. Continue past Moon Hall College; 55yds (50) beyond Keeper's Cottage, look for metal gate on right. Climb over, and bear away besides infant River Mole. Follow way-marked route over wooden footbridge, and on to Flanchford Road.
  4. Turn left, as far as Little Flanchford Cottages. After few paces, take footpath on left, and cross stile after few paces, take footpath on left, and cross stile after 150yds (137m). Now bear right across two footbridges, and continue along right hand edge of next three fields. Walk diagonally left across forth field, to small wicket gate. Turn left here along road and back to start.