Outwood and The Miller's Trail

Staring Point: National Trust car park opposite mill, Outwood. Distance: 6.7miles/10.9km. Time: 3hr 30min

  1. Follow yellow waymark through wood into Brickfield Road and turn right. Turn right again down woodland bridleway 180yds (165m) beyond church, and follow it into fields towards Burstow Park Farm.
  2. Zig-zag right, then turn left, around farmhouse to metal gate. Walk to bottom of the field and through another gate to waymarked stile which directs you diagonally across another field. Cross next stile, turn left through hedge cap, then turn right towards footbridge at top of next field. Nip across and bear left for 80yds (73m) to another stile and bridge. Bear left again over stile, then turn right toward Henward Farm, where stile leads between farm buildings.
  3. Cross farm drive and continue through 2 fields before crossing railway embankment via wooden steps and level crossing. Now followfences on left through three fields, as far as wooden field gate and stile.
  4. Turn right here, but without crossing stile. Follow footpath through fields, separated by stiles, always keeping field edge on the left. Cross Outwood Lane, walk up gravelled drive to Laundry Cottage and take public bridleway just right of metal field gate.
  5. Pass blue and yellow waymarker post and continue along easy-to-follow gravelled bridleway to Cucksey Farm and Cinderhill cottage. Now follow waymarked route down beside Poundhill Wood and carry on for 0.75 miles (1.2km) before emerging at corner of field that rises gently to cut off view.
  6. Turn right here, along woodland edge and on to track leading out to Brown's Hill. Turn left, then right after short distance over next stile and head diagonally across three field. Bear gently right through hedge gap and continue through one field and into next. After 40yds (37m) turn left over waymarked stile and follow field boundary on left, past national trust waymarker post and into woods on Outwood Common. Join surfaced drive at Path End cottage and follow it back to Outwood Windmill and start.