A stroll through Dorking Town

Start: Reigate Road Pay & Display Car Park. Distance: 3 miles.

  1. From the car park, turn left along Reigate Road past the Dorking Halls, then turn left into Moores Road. Follow the pavement on the right hand side of the road all the way round until you reach the almshouses.
  2. From the almshouses, walk across the grass to Chart Lane. Turn left here. Follow the pavement as far as the A24 then cross Chart Lane and veer right into Glory Wood. The footpath will climb away from the road, but you must stay right as much as you can. Ignore all the turnings to the left. Leave the woods at the wooden gates and fork immediately right.
  3. Go down past St Paul’s Road and down the little footpath directly opposite. Go straight here into Chequers Place and after about 70 yards, turn off down a narrow alley to your left. This will bring you to Rose Hill. Walk around the green and out into South Street, through the arch at the foot of the hill.
  4. Turn left here and walk around to the war memorial opposite Waitrose. Cross at the zebra crossing and turn left, then right into Junction Road. Cross over at the bottom and turn right into West Street. Just off West Street on your left, Dorking Museum occupies the old foundry site dating from John Bartlett’s blacksmith and forge of the 1820’s.
  5. Continue on to the High Street, wandering down the little alley next to Barclays Bank to St Martin’s Church. The flintwork alone is worth a look. A few paces further on, turn left down Mill Lane. Fork right at the bottom towards the Meadowbank Recreation Ground, then turn right again beside the brook. Keeping the lake on your left, veer right over a girder bridge and out onto London Road. Turn left, then after about 100 yards turn right at the Court House and follow the drive as it winds up past the library and Council Offices, back to the Reigate road. Cross over and you will reach the start of your ramble.