A Holmwood ramble

Staring Point: National Trust car park at Fourwents Pond. Distance: Approx 3 1/4 miles. Time Approx: 1 hour 15 mins.

  1. Head out of the car park towards Fourwents Pond and bear right along the waterside track, keeping the pond on your left. At the far corner of the pond, cross a small plank bridge, walk through the smaller car park and turn right into Mill Road. After 400yds, take the second turning right up the lane signposted ‘Gable End, Applegarth and Went Cottage’;then, 30 yds further on, fork left onto the way marked public footpath. Continue under a set of power lines, then follow the blue waymarks across the parting of two rough gravel tracks before re-crossing one of them at another blue waymark. Follow the path to the next waymarker post and turn left at the the yellow arrow that points your way to Clematis Cottage. Turn right here and join the gravelled track as far as Upland Cottage.
  2. Turn left for 20yds, then turn to the right on to a grassy footpath. At the end of the footpath turn right, dodge through a wooden post and rail barrier, then turn left at the blue and yellow waymarker post, 25yds further on. Fork right at the next junction of paths to a clearing in the woods and drop down the grassy slope straight ahead, now following the blue waymarked route on to a gravelled surface at the foot of the hill. After 300yds, look out for a blue and yellow waymarker to the left of the path and turn right here, onto another gravelled path. Bear right along the blue waymarked route for 200yds before bearing left on to the yellow route.
  3. This yellow waymarked route leads purposefully across the Common beside the National Trust estate boundary and brings you out opposte the Plough pub at Blackbrook. Turn right on to Blackbrook Road, then left into Red Lane (signposted towards Leigh and Brockham) and follow it for about 0.5 miles.
  4. Turn right into Brimstone Lane at the public bridle-way signpost. Continue through a five-bar gate and don the right-hand side of an open field, leaving through a second gate at the far end. Follow the track as far as Lodge Farm, turn right on to Lodge Lane, back to the Fourwents Pond. Turn right here, for the last 100yds to arrive back at the start.