A Challenger stroll In Baynards

Start: Cox Green.

  1. From the lay-by on the Cox Green road, follow the Downs Link signposts onto the disused railway line and head north under the Cox Green road bridge. You’ll soon come to a wooden gate as you approach Baynards Station. Follow the Downs Link, past the station buildings and back onto the old line. With The Thurlow Arms on your left, continue for 350 yards until you reach a footpath crossing the line at a waymarker post.
  2. Turn right then go over a stile, crossing an open field beyond. Keep to the left of a corner of woodland that juts out into the field, then go over the waymarked stile. Bear gently left along the grassy track through Massers Wood. Leave the woods at a waymarked stile then follow the field boundary on your right.
  3. At the top corner of the field, turn right over a stile onto a bridleway. Go along the surfaced lane at the foot of the hill, towards the buildings of Home Farm. Follow the lane as it goes left past the farm and continue for 80 yards beyond the entrance to Brooklands Farm on the left.
  4. Turn left onto a gravelled track passing the back of Brooklands Farm that continues as a grassy lane. At the end of the lane, go through two fields and follow the edge of the woods on your right as the buildings of Vachery Farm. Bear right following the signposted bridleway until it meets the farm drive at a fork.
  5. Now bear left, signposted towards Vachery Farm and in 20 yards the path forks. Go right onto a signposted bridleway then bear right through a small wood. Cross the wooden bridge over Cobbler’s Brook and go through a small gate. Turn right, following the field edge as it bears around to the left, coming to a waymarked gate.
  6. Go through the gate, continuing straight ahead along the waymarked bridleway. Follow it for 150 yards then it will start to bear left. Go right and then left onto the Downs Link, following the railway track back to The Thurlow Arms. You can then simply retrace your steps back to the start.