Newlands Corner and silent pool

Start: Car Park at Newlands Corner. Distance: 3 miles. Time: 1hr 30 mins.

  1. Walk back from the car park towards the main road and, 50yds from the entrance, turn right onto the waymarked byway. Eventually the track drops down into the trees and comes to a junction at an old second World War pill box. Turn right here and follow the byway as it bears left past the old chalk pit where Agatha Christie’s car was abandoned. Look for a turning on the right, then carry straight on for a further 200yds.
  2. Turn left onto the unmarked bridleway, passing Water Lane Cottages on the right. Continue to the fork at Timbercroft and bear right onto the footpath towards the Silent Pool. Fork right again after 100yds, onto the narrow signposted public footpath. Take care as you cross the quarry access road, then continue as far as the A248.
  3. Cross over, turn left onto the footpath which runs just inside the hedge and walk up to the A25. Turn left at the top, re-cross the A248, then follow the A25 footpath for 100yds. Now cross the busy main road and join the footpath, past Sherbourne Farm. Just beyond the farm entrance, the waymarked path is crossed by the broad, gravelled track leading up from the car park. Fork right here to visit Sherbourne pond and the Silent Pool.
  4. Return to the narrow, waymarked path to continue. The path climbs gently to start then plunges into the Boxwood and continues to the Downs. It eases off towards the top and meets the North Downs Way National Trail at an acorn waymark.
  5. Turn left onto the North Downs Way, then keep right 300yds further on, as another track forks off down the hill. Follow the path for a mile back to the A25, opposite the car park where you began.